Golden Gate APA League Restart FAQ

  1. When is the league restarting? Do I need to pay yearly dues?

Tentatively planned for the week of June 28th. We are jumping directly into Spring 2020 session playoffs. Your playoff match is planned for the same day you were playing league. Monday for 9 ball, Tuesday-Thursday for 8 Ball. All matches were completed prior to the shutdown in March 2020. Standings have been updated and are current. Any bonus points earned at the Bonus Points Tournament were applied (can only earn back what was lost). Any teams who did not complete any matches from the first 10 weeks also received BYE points for those unplayed matches. Membership dues do not need to be paid for 2021 until Summer 2021 session begins (by the 4th week of the session, or when you play your first match, whichever comes first). You can play in playoffs, tri-cup and World Qualifiers without renewing membership.

  1. When does the next session start?

Summer 2021 session will begin the week after playoffs, so currently planned for the week of July 5th. 

  1. Who can play in the playoffs?

Your Spring 2020 roster who have minimum 3 matches played

  1. Can we change our Spring 2020 roster for playoffs?

This will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and needs to be approved by National. Minimum requirements for replacements: a) at or below skill level of the member they are replacing b) 20 matches in the last 2 years in format c) were on a Spring 2020 team in the same format and d) played a minimum of 4 times. I will need all the details regarding who you want to replace, why and with who prior to bringing it to National to approve. This request should be sent via email to ASAP (roster change will need to happen prior to playoffs). Please send requests by 5PM Wednesday 6/23.

  1. Is the Big Dawg Award (direct to World Qualifiers) still available for the Spring 2020 team with the most points in each format?

Yes, with current standings those Big Dawg teams are Wall’d In (8 ball), and Angels and DM’s (9 ball)

  1. How do we qualify for Spring Tri-Cup? When is Spring Tri-Cup? Who plays in the Spring Tri-Cup?

If your team wins playoffs, you qualify for Spring tri-cup. Spring Tri-cup is tentatively scheduled for July 10-11 (full day Saturday for 8 Ball, full day Sunday for 9 Ball). Your Spring 2020 roster will play in the tri-cup and they must have 3 matches in Spring Session, plus 10 matches lifetime in the format. If the team wins tri-cup, you will play in World Qualifiers.

  1. Which teams are already qualified for World Qualifiers?

    1. 8 Ball Teams: Animal House, The Late Bloomers, BenDovre, Wall’d In

    2. 9 Ball Teams: Happy Happy Joy Joy, Pewhall Junkies, The Overcutters, The Undercutters, Cutty Sharks, Angels and DM’s

  2. How does a team maintain qualification for World Qualifiers? Who gets to play in World Qualifiers?

    1. Register for Summer 2021 and maintain at least 4 original members of the qualifying team

    2. Your Spring 2020 roster, the same roster who plays in playoffs and tri-cup. Members need 3 matches in Spring 2020 session, and 10 lifetime matches

  3. If we win WQ, who goes to WPC in Vegas, and how does the team stay qualified to play in Vegas in October?

    1. Your Spring 2020 roster goes to Vegas.

    2. Minimum 4 members need to continue playing in Summer 2021 session

    3. Anyone who wants to play in Vegas must be active on an APA team in the same format and get 4 matches played prior to Vegas in October.

    4. Members must have 10 matches played lifetime in the format they qualified for

  4. What safety protocols will be in place?

    1. We will follow each individual host location's requirements. If they require masks, vaccination verification, etc, those rules should be followed. Please bring a mask with you in case it is required.

    2. Do I need to wear a mask while I shoot? It is up to you. If you are not comfortable playing an opponent who is not wearing a mask, please let your captain and the other team know when you are put up.