Singles Program

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Compete only against players in your skill level tier at Regional and National events!


Approximately 1 in 4 from each Local Qualifier advances to a Regional tournament. Approximately 1 in 16 from each Regional advances to the National Poolplayers Championship held in Las Vegas each April! At the Regional and National events, you compete only against players in your skill level tier! Local Qualifier entry fees vary depending on the number of participants (check with the Tournament Director at each event). NO ENTRY FEE at the REGIONAL and NATIONAL levels!

A champion is crowned in each skill level tier!

8-Ball Classic- 5 tournaments separated by skill level tier! –

Ø Blue Tier (SL 2&3) - Champion receives $15,000!The APA 8-Ball Classic

Ø Yellow Tier (SL 4) - Champion receives $15,000!

Ø Red Tier (SL 5) – Champion receives $15,000!

Ø Orange Tier (SL 6) – Champion receives $15,000!

Ø Purple Tier (SL 7) - Champion receives $15,000!

9-Ball Shootout-
 3 tournaments separated by skill level tier! –

Ø Green Tier (SL 1-3) - Champion receives $10,000!The APA 9-Ball Shootout
Ø White Tier (SL 4&5) - Champion receives $10,000!
Ø Grey Tier (SL 6&7) - Champion receives $10,000!

Ø Black Tier (SL 8&9) - Champion receives $10,000!

Total purse for these events is

APA Singles Program Local Qualifier Boards are run throughout the year and are typically announced on Facebook or through the Calendar. To be eligible to participate on a Local Qualifier Board, participants must have a minimum of 10 matches played in the last two years, in the appropriate format. Participants that become eligible for the Regional and National Tournaments must remain active on a team in the appropriate format up until the time of the tournament. Anyone interested in running a Local Qualifier Board at their favorite host location may contact the League Office at (415) 506-9645 for materials and instructions. 

Members who win the local singles qualifier board are qualified to participate in the next APA Singles Program Regional Tournament for their skill-level tier, which takes place the first weekend in October (Fall Regional) for players who qualify before June 15th and the first weekend in March (Spring Regional) for players who qualify after June 15th. The Regional Tournaments will take place at locations to be determined. Winners of the Regional Tournaments will advance to the APA Poolplayers Championship held in Las Vegas in April at the Westgate Resort & Casino. All nationally qualified players receive lodging at the Westgate Resort & Casino, travel money, and other swag just for making it to the National level! Additional cash and prizes are awarded to players that advance in this modified single elimination tournament!
Note: Members' skill levels change often placing them in different skill-level tiers. Those members whose skill levels change placing them in a higher tier at the time the Regional Tournament is set up by the APA National Office will participate in the Regional Tournament at the higher skill level and in the higher tier.