Golden Gate APA Pool League

Frequently Asked Questions 

Please read below for the most frequently asked questions from our potential Golden Gate APA members. See what other future pool players are asking us, and get the answers you need!

What’s this pool league all about?
The purpose of playing in the Golden Gate APA pool league is to get out and have a great time. You’ll meet all sorts of great people and have fun! This is a great way to network and play pool at the same time! You can expect excellent sportsmanship from both your own teammates and your opponents.  
I play pool every now and then, but I’m not an advanced player. Can I still play? Do I have a chance to win?
Yes! One of the best things about the APA is the fact that everyone can play and anyone can win! The league operates using the Equalizer Handicap System (much like golf or bowling leagues use a handicap system). This means that all players – even beginners – can compete and win. This is what makes league play so much fun! Many of the best pool players in San Francisco play in the APA, right along side beginners and intermediate players!

What kind of people play in this pool league?

People from all different backgrounds play in Golden Gate APA. Our members include clerks, secretaries, lawyers, chiropractors, carpenters, business owners, doctors, waitresses, truck drivers, bank tellers, school teachers, and much more!  Since league play takes place in bars, players must be at least 21 years of age. We have players of all different age groups, ranging from 21 to 90. Both men and women play in the APA; about 30% of our players are women. Some teams are all men; some teams are all women; most teams consist of both men and women. 

Where does league play take place?

We have league play in many areas in San Francisco. You rotate play between your own home location and other teams’ home locations each week. We also have non-traveling divisions at Family Billiards.  Click on "Location Finder" at the top of this page for more information.

My team is interested in playing in a bar/pool hall that currently does not have APA league play. Is this okay?

Most likely! There is no fee to bars for Golden Gate APA league play, so most host locations are more than happy to have weekly league play in their establishments. Contact us with your preferred location and we can work with that bar/pool hall to see if league play is a possibility. We’re always open to adding new host locations!
When does the league start?

We have sessions running all year long! There are 3 sessions – summer, fall and spring. Contact us to get exact start dates for the next sessions. Also, keep in mind that we can add teams to sessions anytime within the first 4 weeks of a session, so it’s never too late to get started.

What days and times does league play take place?
Currently we play
9-ball:  Monday 
8-ball:  Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's.
Ladies: Tuesdays. 
All matches start at 7:00 pm warm up's start at 6:00 pm.  6:00-6:30pm warm ups are for the home team, 6:30 to 7:00pm is the warm ups for the visiting team.  
What are the rules for 8-Ball and 9-Ball in the APA?

The rules are simple to learn. Remember, more than anything, this league is about getting out and having a good time. With that said, of course, there are rules for both 8-Ball and 9-Ball. These rules are followed by all APA players throughout the nation and outlined in the Official Team Manual. Also the 9-ball format is different than usual 9-ball you might have seen on TV or you have played, we believe it is one of the best formats ever, specially for those players are in lower skill brackets.

What kinds of prizes are teams and individuals playing for?
Throughout the session, teams compete for division championship and playoff titles. Through weekly league play and tournament opportunities, teams and individual players win trophies, patches, cue sticks, plaques, apparel, bragging rights, and much more! Teams and individuals that qualify for regional and national tournaments play for big money! The American Poolplayers Association runs the largest and most exciting amateur tournaments in North America.  Every year thousands of APA members visit and compete in these tournaments. The APA awards over $1.6 Million in guaranteed prize money every year during National Tournaments in Las Vegas!
Is there a membership fee?

Yes. Players pay a one-time-annual membership fee of $25.00. This membership fee allows you to play in all APA formats throughout the year. As a member, you are entitled to various discounts. If you take advantage of these discounts, the membership fee will pay for itself!

How much do I pay for weekly league play?
Playing in Golden Gate APA is one of the most affordable forms of entertainment available! Your league fees will cost you less than going to a movie or just about anything else you can find to entertain yourself! Your entire team pays $50 per week, which is only $10 per player!  This is cheaper than going to a movie!  Each individual's match varies from 2 racks to 9 racks of games in 8-Ball.  In 9-Ball it can go to 15 racks!!!
Master teams pay $30 a week for 3 players., each player plays a race to 7, possibly 13 racks. 
How do I get started?

There are two ways you can get started. The most popular way to get started is to form your own team. Teams consist of 5-8 players . Consider inviting friends, family, neighbors and coworkers to be on your team. Player of all skill levels are welcome – beginners included! We offer incentives for players who start their own teams. Once you have your team put together, contact us. We’ll set up a time and place at your convenience to meet with you and your team to go over everything you need to know.   If you don’t know enough people to form your own team, we can also place you on an already-existing team. Contact us  or via e-mail at for more information.

Can I sign up online?

Yes! You can sign up here 
Activate your account by clicking on "Create Account" link at the top of the page of   Once you created an account or logged into APA,  on the left hand menu at our home page you will see a "Message Board" link.  This will allow you to access the message board. 

The message board is at its infancy, there are many improvements coming such as new categories and viewing the page w/o loging in

 Is Golden Gate APA on Facebook?
 Yes, we are on Facebook, look for "Golden Gate APA".  You will see weekly pool tips videos and more news on our page on Facebook.
What is Golden Gate APA's Mailing address?
PO Box 12100
San Francisco, CA 94112 
phone: (415)506-9645