Welcome to 2020 8-Ball World Pool Qualifier Tournament Page!!!

1 Team will earn a spot to compete in APA's 2020/2021 World Pool Championships in Las Vegas. This team will receive travel allowance for flights and rooms during the tournament.  

This is a two day tournament, 1st round matches start at 11:00 AM on 7/17/2021 at Fizzees/Abbey. Captains, please check in at Fizzees to get scoresheets

There is a lot of information below!!! Please read.

Schedule of Events

7/15                      - Team Certification forms due to our email inbox by 9PM

Tournament brackets will be posted here with match times. Please check back.

Every team must fill up a Team Certifications statement before entering the tournament. DUE 7/15 by 9PM

Click Here to Get Team Certification form!

We will not accept Cert forms at the day of the tournament

7/17 11:00 AM  - 1st day matches start. Please arrive by 1030 AM

7/18 11:00 AM  - 2nd day matches start. Please arrive by 1030 AM


All Start times in the schedule are forecasted times, except first round on both mornings.  Teams need to be on deck 45 min-1 hour before the scheduled time past 1st round (11AM) matches .  If a team is not present within 15 minutes of match start time, first forfeit will be given.  If a team is not present within 30 minutes, the round will be forfeited.


Tournament Rules

Please Remember Your Spring 2020 Roster Competes in this tournament.

At the tournament we will assume all members know how to behave at the tournament site!


Click HERE to read tournament rules.  This will be run very similar to the tri-cup tournament.

Click Here to read about the rules of conduct.

Table Practice

Tournament tables are reserved for matches only, there will not be any practice during the tournament.  You are allowed to practice on the tables the night before or after the tournament.

Click here to go to the rules page to access Team Manual

All rosters will be posted up on the bottom of this page. Skill levels of the members may change during the tournament time. All matches and player records will be input and reviewed before your next match.

8-Ball World Pool Qualifier Teams


Summer 2019

Fall 2019

Spring 2020

BenDovre (withdrawn)

Animal House

Wall'd In

The Late Bloomers (withdrawn/disbanded)

The Motavaters



Barely Legals



Dixon Cider


ROSTERS!!! (this will be updated by Friday 7/16)