The linked PDF shows the players qualified to participate in the Fall 2018 MVP tournaments to be held on 07/20/2019 and 07/21/2019.  
All names in document for Low and High Tier are invited to play (SL4-5 must be in top half of the list for their division).
All participants must be on a team in Spummer 2019 session.
All participants will participate in their current skill level bracket, even if their skill level moves up or down. 

Click here for the Invite list. Players in SL 4-5 must be top half of MVP list in each tier in each division to be eligible to participate.  

All SL 1-3 and SL 6-9 with at least 7 matches played in Spring 2019 are invited to the tournament.  

Please help get this info distributed and come watch some exciting play! 
Dates:01/26-01/27/2019 @ 540 Club. Matches may also be played at Fizzee's and Abbey Tavern
8-Ball SL 6-7, @Fizzee's 07/20/2019 11:00 AM sign up, 11:30 AM start.
8-Ball SL 4-5, @Fizzee's 07/20/2019 1:00 PM sign up, 1:30 PM approx start
8-Ball SL 2-3, @Fizzee's 07/20/2019 3:00 PM sign up, 3:30 PM approx start.
9-Ball SL 6-9, @Fizzee's 07/21/2019 11:00 AM sign up, 11:30 AM start.
9-Ball SL 4-5, @Fizzee's 07/21/2019 1:00 PM sign up, 1:30 PM approx start.
9-Ball SL 1-3  @Fizzee's 07/21/2019  3:00 PM sign up, 3:30 PM approx start. 

MVP Invitation List.

Depending on the number of sign ups we have per tier. you may play matches of single racks against your opponent.

There is $100 possible payout for each tier.  
First place members will receive a trophy and special patch. 
These events do not have entry fees.