Welcome to 2013 9-Ball City Championship Tournament Page!!!

2 Teams will earn a spot to compete in APA's 2013 National Team Championships in Las Vegas. These 2 teams get travel allowance for flight and Rooms during the tournament.  


This is a one day tournament, 1st round matches start at 10:15 AM on 6/9/2013 at Park 77. 

There is a lot of information below!!! Please read. 

Schedule of Events
05/11 6-8 PM - LTC Meeting
Happy Lounge, 3745 Geary Street
It is advised to bring at least two team members to the meeting. There will not be another meeting before the tournament.
Team certification forms will be handed out, or Click Here to Get Team Certification form!
We will not accept Cert forms at the day of the tournament 
06/02 8;00 PM - Tournament Brackets Drawn
Park 77 77 Cambon dr, 
Tournament brackets will be drawn during the 8-Ball City Championships at Park 77.
06/04 - Tournament Brackets Posted
Tournament brackets will be posted here with match times. Please check back.
06/06 - Team Certification forms due
Every team must fill up a Team Certifications statement before entering the tournament.Click Here to Get Team Certification form! We will not accept Cert forms at the day of the tournament 

06/09 10:15 AM  - Matches start. 
All match start times in the schedule are forecasted, EXCEPT for the first round both mornings.
Teams need to be on deck 45 minutes before the scheduled time.
If a team is not present in 15 minutes first forfeit will be given. If a team is not preset in 20 minutes the round will be forfeited.

Tournament Rules
Please Remember Your Spring 2013 Roster Competes in this tournament.
At the tournament we will assume all members know how to behave at the tournament site! 

Table Practice
Tournament tables are reserved for matches only, there will not be any practice during the tournament.  You are allowed to practice on the tables the night before or after the tournament .  We will level all the tables to their best capability each morning before the tournament starts.   

For more information please read the local bylaws
  If you still have questions, please get on out message board and ask the appropriate question..
  Message board can be accessed by logging into your APA account and click the "Message Board".
 All rosters will be posted up on the bottom of this page.  Skill levels of the members may change  during  the tournament time.  All matches and player records will be input and reviewed before your next match

9-call City Championship Qualified teams
Summer 2012 Fall 2012 Spring 12013
Stick'N Move Stroke Of Genius Terry's 9'ers
We're Solids Right? Happy Hour Every Hour Happy Hour Every Hour

Stick'N Move 9 of your Business

We're Solids Right? The Pooluminati

Dave Delinquents Dream Team

Assain's Speed
  The Sabbath Slaughter


ROSTERS!!! CLICK HERE!! (Updated the week of the tournament).